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Introduction of Auto Clicker app:

Auto Clicker is a a android app for Android 9.0 and above. The latest version of this software is 1.0.9, and you can get it in English only with free. Thisr helps you tap repeatedly at any location with no breaks.

Auto Clicker is a tools Android app built by Simple Hot Software, LLC that you can install on your Android devices. This will confidently click on any space on your screen that targets you. If you ever need to keep the game moving, tap the same button over and over again, or tap as soon as possible; we’ve got you covered. This is great for click games.

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Auto Clicker app:

If you are playing such types of games or run software thats need a lot of click and you are very disapoint for this and need a solution for this here we bring the solution for you. The solution of your prblem is Auto Clicker app that save your effort and time to click the screen or button on screen. You can set time interval between click the button in the screen. This app supported multple location click, thats means you can click anywere with this app.

First things first, you need to configure Auto Clicker by toggling its configuration. There are two options to choose from: the first is to automatically tap your screen in one place and the second is to set up scattered taps. You have to configure each one individually, but with pre-set methods you don’t have to think about it much.
Auto Clicker is the best tool for that game who use more number of click.

You can enjoy the benefits of multiple taps without having to manually tap the screen. This is especially useful in mobile gaming where repeated tapping is necessary to move on to new levels. However you use it, you will save time and tapping.

If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, you’ll know how important, accurate and quick tapping can be. Many games require repetitive tapping to play and when it can be enjoyed for a while, it can be exhausting. This is where automatic tapping auto clicker comes in handy. With the app, you can set and configure tapping on your display so you don’t have to physically tap it yourself. Keep the target straight where you want to tap multiple times and you will see your own results.


  1. Auto Clicker Friendly user interface, easy to use
  2. Support multiple click points, multiple swipes
  3. Set a global timer to run a specific time
  4. Choose between which mouse button to click
  5. Can import/export automated scripts.
  6. Replace hotkeys
  7. Settings are secure (including last fixed location)
  8. Choose whether to follow your cursor or click on a specific location
  9. Choose between single click, double click or triple click
  10. Easy – Hotkeys work in the background

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App information:-

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