PUBG Mobile Lite v0.16.0 up coming updates and leaks news


It seems that a new PUBG mobile lite update has come along the way, and data mods have leaked what to expect. According to reports, the upcoming PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 update will feature night mode, a new lobby, and a room card. While there is no word still about the 0.16.0 update from Devos yet officially, leaks have started surfacing. According to reports, the upcoming update is expected to come from 18 February to 23 February.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 update:-

Night form

This mode is available in other versions of the game and will offer a map during the night. Different versions of the game have things like night-vision goggles that make things easier to see. But we have yet to see how it is implemented here.

Room card:-

Room cards are necessary items that can be purchased in the shop so that users can make room to play with friends. Again we do not know how this will be implemented, and other versions of the game do not require money to play with friends.

New logo:-

There will also be a new logo for the game. The new logo will have a male character with orange that is different from the previous logo.

New lobby:-

The game also has a new lobby, which will have a snow theme, which is similar to the previous one. It will also have a UAZ in the background.

PUBG Mobile Lite


Apart from these, the update will also include the country’s flag, Saathi, according to leaks and reports. The last update of Tencent Games has added a new feature for PUBG Mobile Lite players on New Year’s occasion, and that is to upgrade the graphics settings. The gods eventually include the option to turn on the graphics settings on the game. A new video on the official Twitter handle shows how to increase the settings. It also shows how the new settings affect the game. Like the main PUBG mobile games, PUBG Mobile Lite also had its higher graphics settings locked. These settings are unlocked for the new year, which improves the game’s visuals.

Based on the PUBG Mobile Lite latest beta, this game will make this Flare Gun, which means previously available in the standard version. The 0.16.0 update will eventually bring the FPP gameplay mode into the game as well as the team deathmatch match.

With this, it is anticipated that the game will get a new desert map for the game, which will make an excellent point for PUBG Mobile Lite members such very, the game should only the Erangel map.

Also, the game is expected to get a new logo, room cards and graphics improvements, night mode, country flag, and more. The room card is also one of the most awaited features since, since its launch, players have no option to create a private room to play with their friends. Unbeknownst to them, PUBG Mobile Lite is a toned-down version of the famous Battle Royal game PUBG Mobile, which is designed to run smoothly on low-end smartphones.

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