PUBG Mobile New Erangel 2.0 map New Milta Power First Look

PUBG Mobile New Erangel 2.0

Hello guys today I talk about pubg mobile most awaited update all pubg player really want PUBG Mobile New Erangel 2.0  this update but unfortunately Tencent games not release this update in season 11 update   0.16.5 and this update Tencent Games add two more arcade maps in pubg mobile global version but I talk about a massive update Erangle 2.0.

PUBG Mobile New Erangel 2.0:-

PUBG Mobile New Erangel 2.0:-

As you see in this photo.this is pubg mobile map Erangle Location milta power today I show you deference between map Erangle and Erangle 2.0  if you play pubg mobile and a real fan of pubg game

you see a lot of time this location in pubg mobile this location in pubg mobile current

the face of Erangle map

This location has a lot of machines in a factory in this current update 0.16.5 if you don’t see this location I advise you you must visit this location name is milta power.

in Erangle 2.0:-

Guys this is a look of Erangle2.0 Map and this is a milta power location in this pic you see the map is completely changed and the building look is a very good look like reality and graphics are so good I attach video trailer of Erangle 2.0  must you watch guys.

I hope you guys must watch erangle2.0 map Trailer hope you really want this map to come early in pubg this map, you look high dimage building because pubg mobile developer makes this game on the real story.

Tencent games announcement they Release erangle 2.0 in pubg mobile in the last month of   2019

but erangle 2.0 has come in pubg pc and share pic with you pubg pc erangle2.0 update. people Realy

LIKE this update in pubg mobile pc.and mobile players of pubg mobile really want Tencent games came Erangel 2.0 fast.

Erangle 2.0 in milta power all buildings were been changed Tencent games give this location a new look as you see in my post and write on buildings 1965. I have no idea about this date and guys I wanna tell you my opinion about that update this update come in season 13.and Tencent increase 

pubg mobile Size.

in the end, I hope you guys like my post please comment your question in the comments box.i reply you as early as possible

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