PUBG Mobile New Update 0.17 Here Top 7 New Secret feature

PUBG Mobile New Update

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.17.0 

Hello, Guys welcome back in my other post today I talk about the most popular gamePUBG MOBILE .and we talk about pubg mobile next update version 0.17.0 let see the top 7 new secret updates in pubg mobile.

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.17.0 is Here? Top 7 New Secret feature you miss it? PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 beta update: Death cam, Colour Blind mode, Extreme cold and more! PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update leaked: New Death Cam feature, Extreme Cold Mode and more! PUBG Mobile’ update 0.17.0 release date

Now I tell u top 7 secret updates in pubg mobile version 0.17.0 in a single column.AFTER that I Explain One By One.

  1. TOP1(Graphics)
  2. TOP2(Basic TAP Tick Mark)
  3. TOP3(UZI Holo Attachment )
  5. TOP5( MOLI Colour)
  6. TOP6(Death Replay)
  7. TOP7(NEW Weapon DBS )


PUBG Mobile New Update

AS you know guys pubg mobile Team work hard to make interesting pubg mobile this update finally, they give you the option to change the Colour of zone as you see guys in the pic this is a Chinese version update now global not release now but this is an awesome update confirm by the Tencent company. hopefully, u enjoy this in next update

TOP2(Basic TAP Tick Mark):-

PUBG Mobile New Update

This is the second big update in version 0.17.0 of pubg mobile. this is a Tap Tick Mark who you Enable from sitting after you enable it. you see a location on a mark on the screen. and they help you to manage your team.and tell easily strategy to your team members like if u need amo of your gun you tell easily to your team members.they help instantly and many more options.I tell you very rarely because I only want to share info about this version.

TOP3(UZI Holo Attachment ):-

PUBG Mobile New Update

the third update in this upcoming version is about a weapon their name is UZI this weapon is best for a close-range fight before this update you aren’t able to attach any attachment with this weapon. but after 0.17.0 update you will be able to attach with an uzi a red dot and hollo graphic and I appreciate pubg mobile team how to work well for the user and user got good experience and that’s why pubg mobile is now world most famous no 1 android game.


Finally in this update, pubg mobile focus to improve vehicle and they try to give a little bit new look of UAZ and my personal opinion I like their effort but little bit need to more improve. but know this is looking good and the main point is you guys don’t forget to tell me your thought in comments below.

TOP5( MOLI Colour):-

and the 5 update is a normal update in pubg mobile version 0.17.0 in this update pubg mobile team try to give shape moli fire like real this is a good thing and I hope you guys really like this update this looking so like reality and I like this guy don’t forget to tell your opinion in comments below.

TOP6(Death Replay):-

finally, pubg mobile team add a very good option in-game death reply. when your enemy kills you and you think about that is a cheater but not sure that time death replay help you to decide your enemy is cheater if they are a cheater you should report this and who got banned from pubg pubg mobile team always things like user and complete user requirement in every update what’s your opinion on this statement plz tell in comments box.

TOP7(NEW Weapon DBS ):-


finally, in this update pubg mobile release new gun DBS and this very good gun look like a shotgun but this is a shotgun type and you attach on this gun red dot,2x,3x,4x,6x also but long-range this aim is very bad so I advise you guys if you use this gun must use this only in close range hope you guys like this post must share feedback guys in comments below.

                                                         THANKYOU FOR COMING GUYS

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