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Hi, guys, I hope you are all good, and I will talk today about WhatsWeb. this app developed by WhatsApp company and now this is under Facebook. and as we know this is very outstanding.

Guys, you know I always begin with unique apps and games for you guys. I hope you are download and use this.


WhatsApp Messenger is an Open messaging app accessible for Android. Whatsweb works your phone’s Internet attachment (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as reasonable) to let your information and call buddies and relatives. SMS change to WhatsApp to post and accept communications, calls, images, videos, reports, and Voice Communications.


WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging service in the world, is now available on whatsweb. It allows you to send free text messages to anyone using WhatsApp or to read whats app web books on WhatsApp, all for free. Whatsweb is the newest instant messenger on the market. With so many other companies are trying to get their message across to its users, it has taken the free version and merged it with a premium feature.
Whatsweb can easily be used to read WhatsApp books, messages, and check your WhatsApp account.  it is also ideal for texting to friends and family with ease and security. Whatsweb uses free-calling as well as text messaging. Calls to cell phones, landlines, and international phone numbers are all unlimited. You can even make and receive long-distance calls. it is not compatible with the iPhone. Because it is not an accurate peer-to-peer calling system, it has no cell phone charges.

Whatsweb feature:-

When you first sign up with Whatsweb, a free text message will bee sent to your phone. To sign up, you must first have an active mobile number. The text message will bee used to prove your identity to other users. it is a web application that can be downloaded to almost any mobile device. you can chat with other whatsweb users at any time, day or night.
All of the features that come with Whatsweb included with Whatsapp free. The only time you will have to pay is if you want to read WhatsApp web books. You can use the books as many times as you like. You can chat with What’s app web users, read whatsweb books, or play. What’s app web can be accessed at any time that you choose, even if you are sleeping or traveling.
Whatsweb offers a free SMS and free voice call service. It is simple to set up and can work for just about anyone. What’s app web features include support for the luxurious messaging service, which lets you send multimedia messages. The instant-messaging feature allows you to share texts and photos.
To communicate with others using Whatsweb, you need to register for an account. For more information, visit whats app web.com.
If you want to create your own free-instant messaging and chatting experiences, the advanced tool that is Whatsweb 2.0 is perfect for you.
You can easily access whatsweb bookmarks and your friends’ bookmarks from your mobile phone. What’s app web is the easiest way to chat with friends without worrying about making a return call. it gives you a free web app to use with WhatsApp that lets you chat and send complimentary text messages to anyone and to browse whats app web books that are available in a free-book reader format.
Whatsapp web
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